4 Expectations You Should Have For Clean Beauty Products

What does “Clean Beauty” mean to you?


If you’re having a hard time defining it, you’re not alone! In fact, aside from agreeing that clean beauty products don’t contain the big three—Sulfates, Parabens, and Phthalates—there’s no clear consensus about what it means.


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Acta Beauty is a clean beauty brand, and we have a very clear definition of what it means for our products, and ultimately, what that means for your skin.


As a cosmetic chemist in her 50s, formulating skincare that makes a positive difference on both our skin and the environment is a priority for me. Let’s dive into this 4-part series where I’ll outline why clean beauty is important, what you should watch for in your skincare, and how Acta Beauty decides what counts as clean and what doesn’t.


First, I’ll outline the 4 guiding principles Acta Beauty follows when creating a formula. These are expectations I have about every product in the Acta Beauty line, and I invite you to share these high expectations for all the products you use.


1. Formulating for Sensitive Skin


We understand that many of you have sensitive skin, and our formulations cater to your unique needs. Clean beauty—to us—means generating formulas that are gentle, soothing, and nurturing, ensuring that even those with the most sensitive skin types can enjoy them without worry.


2. Expecting Visible Results


Clean beauty isn't just about looking good; it's about achieving tangible results while safeguarding your skin's natural barrier. Our formulations strike a delicate balance between effectiveness and protecting the delicate stratum corneum.


3. The Experience of Applying the Product


We believe using skincare should not only make your skin look and feel better, but the actions involved with taking care of your skin—washing your face, applying a serum, massaging in a night cream—should be something you look forward to because it feels good and is a pleasure to do. A skincare routine should be easy and enjoyable. With this principle in mind, our products are designed to feel good on the skin as they're being applied, continue to feel good a few minutes after application, and they should still feel luxurious an hour or two later, without feeling sticky, tacky, dry, or pilling at any point along the way.


4. Embracing Innovation


At Acta Beauty, we embrace challenges with open arms. Creating effective, stable, luxurious feeling products while adhering to our clean beauty standards can be challenging. We firmly believe that clean beauty can be both elegant and impactful. Our dedication to innovation drives us to create skincare that not only feels elegant but also delivers exceptional results.


In essence, clean beauty, as defined by Acta Beauty, is a blend of science, ethics, and excellence. It's about formulating products that prioritize your skin's well-being, protecting the environment, and delivering the results you desire.


Next, in part 2 of this series, I’ll share how sustainability fits into Acta Beauty’s clean beauty pledge.



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4 Expectations You Should Have For Clean Beauty Products

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