How Clean Skincare Protects Your Skin Barrier

This is the third post in our 4-part series about what makes Acta Beauty a clean beauty brand. Last time, we talked about sustainability and safe use of ingredients. Today I want to tell you about how we place importance on protecting your skin barrier.


Skin-Friendly Formulations

Clean beauty starts with sustainable, safe ingredients, and extends to carefully selecting materials that are gentle on your skin. Your clean beauty products should make you look radiant and vibrant, and they should feel luxurious when applied to your skin.



We prioritize plant-based, non-ionic emulsifiers such as Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, and C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, to name a few. These ingredients not only create products that feel elegant, they also protect your skin's natural barrier, ensuring it remains resilient.


Why are emulsifiers used in skincare? They're the material that holds water and lipid droplets in a suspended state and allows all the components in a formula to come together to form a cream or lotion.



Acta Beauty not only relies on non-ionic emulsifiers, we carefully select those that will create "liquid crystals" when incorporated into a formula. Liquid crystals have a structure that mimics the natural structure of a healthy skin barrier. When applied to the skin, it provides additional moisturization without disrupting the delicate skin barrier. 


The Power of Plant-Based Lipids

We understand that not all ingredients are created equal. Plant-based lipids like Squalene and Jojoba Oil offer superior moisturizing and anti-aging benefits compared to silicones like Dimethicone. If we do want a lipid with a light, fast spreading skin feel such as Dimethicone in our formula, there are several plant-based silicone alternatives available.


Our clean beauty formulations aim to provide you with the nourishment your skin craves. Acta Beauty chooses lipids that are certified USDA Organic where possible. Our formulas are silicone-free. We do not use any synthetic lipids in our formulas and will not consider using them in the future.


As a cosmetic chemist in her 50s, my goal is to create formulas for you that change the way your skin looks and feels while also being a delight to use every day. Careful consideration of ingredients such as emulsifiers and skin-nourishing lipids is an important part of what makes a formula perform at its best.


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