At Acta Beauty, we prioritize sustainability in every product. We carefully source renewable ingredients and wholeheartedly support RSPO certification for palm oil, ensuring our supply chain aligns with sustainable practices.


Our formulas harness the natural power of organic oils and extracts, chosen for their purity and minimal environmental impact. Certain ingredients will never be present in our formulas, including those sourced from petroleum sources and ethoxylated ingredients.


The dedication to sustainability extends to packaging. The majority of our products use glass containers to reduce plastic waste and promote recyclability.


Acta Beauty formulas are designed for sensitive skin, resulting in products that are well tolerated and able to be completely used by consumers, rather than discarded after a few uses. We produce skincare that is enjoyed to the last drop, resulting in less consumer waste. 


Sustainability is an ongoing journey for us. We're always seeking new ways to minimize our impact, including ethical sourcing, cruelty-free practices, and supporting community empowerment.


Join us in creating a more sustainable and beautiful future.